What´s on in Seville?



And now we propose the traveller a tour to the authentic Seville. With this intention we divide Seville in several routes:

Santa Cruz Neighbourhood: the old Jewish district.

For a few seconds forget about the time and get lost in the labyrinth of narrow and pedestrian alleys and wonderful squares plenty of Orange trees, get delighted with the beauty of the main monuments: the Cathedral and the tower of “La Giralda”, the Palace “Reales Alcázares”, the Archive of the Indies, the Archbishop´s Palace or the Murillo Gardens.

María Luisa Gardens

It is the most beautiful park in the city and one of the lungs of Seville. Its romantic beauty together with its wide vegetal variety, contributes to make a pleasure walking in these gardens. Two of the most important museums are here, situated in “Plaza de América”, the museum of Archaeology and the Crafts and Popular Custom Museum. We will also find “Plaza de España”, the greatest exponent of the regionalist architecture, designed by “Aníbal González”, had been the most emblematic project of the Latin American exhibition happened in the year 1.929.

Central Seville

The commercial district and what it is known as the new part of Seville. Situated by “Plaza Nueva”, where the City Hall is situated and next to “Plaza del Salvador” –recommended for its beauty and life-. “Calle Sierpes” is the most popular street but in the surroundings –Tetuán, Cuna or Velázquez-, the visitor will find the most important international fashion firms and also local and traditional shops.

Right beside the commercial district, “Las Setas de la Encarnación” –the Mushrooms-, raise from the ground developing an structure built in wood that has been very controversial and has divided the people, but that already constitutes an architectonic reference in this city.

Arenal Neighbourhood

One of the most emblematic districts in Seville. During the XVI and XVII centuries, it has been one of the most important ports in the world because of the discover of America and the great commerce with the new continent. It is still today, a meeting point for the locals in all concerning the bullfighting, theatre, opera and brotherhoods.

Triana Neighbourhood

People in Seville say that in one hand there is Seville and in the other “Triana” and it is because Triana is another world…. Jumping into the streets of this district is immersing in the daily life: the dancing schools, the artisans and its beautiful houses.
The Triana Market, right beside the bridge of the same name, is one of the most beautiful markets in the city. The popular street “Betis” or “San Jacinto” offer a large selection for culture and gastronomy that will delight visitors.

Macarena Neighbourhood

It is one of the most populated districts in Seville and is the home of the famous Basilica of La Macarena. Do not miss “Feria” street, with the churches of Omnium Sanctorum (1249), a jewel of Gothic-Mudejar architecture, where was founded one of the oldest Brotherhoods: “Jesús del Nazareno”. Very close to Ferias st., we will find “Alameda de Hércules”, a splendid square where were set two magnificent roman columns brought from a roman temple situated in Santa Cruz neighbourhood. “La Almeda” means entertainment and fun, with an interesting cultural and gastronomic offer.

Avenida de la Constitución